ID Session information

About the ID Session

We have Zoom ID meetings and in person gathering alternating every Monday evening at 18:30. Invites with a link get sent out every Saturday. Everyone is invited to these meetings and no prior knowledge is required. Share images of your finds or see what others have found.

In addion to Zoom, we also conduct in person ID Sessions at various members homes. These in person meetings superceed the Zoom sessions. We will have microscopes, books, snacks and drinks.

Geastrum, Elan Trybuch


Document your findings

We are committed to documenting biodiversity and many of our members use the iNaturalist app to document their finds. This generates valuable records for science and conservation.

Bonus: expert identifiers will ID your specimens. We have four projects – one for NYC & the 5 boroughs proper, one for outside NYC & the surrounding areas, one for Slime molds of NYC, Bolete patrol and one for DNA Sequenced Collections – and we encourage you to join them. Instructions on how to use iNaturalist are here if you need them.

Elan Trybuch taking photos in the field
Come join us for an online ID meeting this Monday, April 15
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