Frequently Asked Qustions

Can I change my login username (email)?
No, unfortunately the system will not allow you to do so. You may always purchase a new membership if you wish to change it when it is time to renew.
Can I donate to the New York Mycological Society?
Yes, please reach out to our treasurer to find out more:

    Can I receive only certain emails and not others?
    No, unfortunately it is all or nothing. Our email program does not allow for selecting certain types of emails.
    How can I change my Print/PDF newsletter preferences?
    Please login to the website and go to your account page. Toggle your preference for Print or PDF there.........
    How do I add a family member?
    You may do so one of two ways. Either during your initial signup or via your account profile.
    How do I cancel my membership?
    Sorry, unfortunately we do not cancel memberships.
    How do I edit my mailing address?
    Please login and go to your account page. Once there, update your mailing address any make sure to click save at the bottom of the form.
    How do I change my password?
    All you need to do is and go to your account page, at the bottom, there is a yellow button. Click that to change/update your password
    How do I give a gift membership?
    Please contact the Membership team. You will need to make a $20 payment and we will send you a gift code that you may give to the recipient to use during signup.
    How do I reset my password?
    All you need to do is go to on the bottom of the page click the Forgot Password link
    How do I renew my membership?
    All you need to do is go to your account page. Click on the membership tab, and then select renew. You will be redirected to the join page, where you simply pay for another 1year membership and go through the PayPal payment flow. That’s it! Here are the steps outline in order Login to the website Go to your account page Navigate to the membership tab Click Renew Click ‘Join NYMS now! Pay with PayPal or CreditCard Complete payment form on PayPal Steps 1, 2,3 & 4
    How do I see when my membership ends?
    You need to be logged in to the website to view your account. Once you are logged in you should be automatically re-directed to your account page. If not, click on account in the navigation menu. This will take you to your account page. At the top of the form, there is a header that will tell you how many days until your membership expires
    How do I view my account?
    Please login to the website and go to your account page.
    How do I unsubscribe from your emails?
    At the bottom of our email newsletters there is an unsubscribe link. Please click that to unsubscribe.
    I am admitted to the Facebook Group page. Why can’t I access the content on the website?
    FaceBook Group is open to anyone, it is presented as a forum for people to share news and ideas. Our website is intended for paying members who wish to attend New York Mycological Society Events, Lectures, Walks and Workshops.
    I am logged into the website, but do not see any content. I see a paywall?
    Your membership has expired. Please renew.
    I am new to the club. What can I expect on a foray?
    Please visit our FAQ section on walks for a detailed outline of what to expect.
    I am not receiving any emails. How do I find out what’s going on?
    You might have unsubscribed by mistake. Please reach out to membership and we will look into the issue:
    I don’t have PayPal. How do I pay by check?
    Please select the manual payment feature. Once your signup is complete, please email membership to obtain a form to fill out for payment by check:
    I would like an expert from the New York Mycological Society to give a lecture/lead a walk for my organization. How do I go about this?

    Please contact Tom Bigelow, lecture coordniator of the New York Mycological Society with your inquiry:

    Is my membership tax deductible?
    No, a membership is not tax-deductible. Only a donation would be.
    What are the membership benefits?
    Please visit our about page, that lists all the benefits of a New York Mycological Society Membership
    What does "renew" mean or do?
    We allow early renewals of memberships. This means you can pay for an additional year, before your membership lapses or expires.For example, if today’s date is February 3, 2022 and your membership expires on September 3, 2022, you can renew for additional year by paying via “renew”. Now your membership will expire on September 3, 2023.
    What is the difference between an individual membership and family membership?
    Family memberships are good for a single household. This means anyone in your house may attend our NYMS events.

    Family memberships only receive 1 login for the website and recieves NYMS emails to 1 email address per household.

    If any family members wish to have their own login or email sent directly to them, they will need to obtain their own individual membership.
    Where can I view my payments/transactions?
    You need to first login to the website to view your transactions. Once you are logged in you should be automatically re-directed to your account page. If not, click on account in the navigation menu. This will take you to your account page. Click payments in the sub menu. Here you will see all your payment transactions
    Why can’t I see the lecture videos anymore?
    There are two reasons why you may not be able to see the YouTube videos anymore. Your membership either expired or you are not logged in. Please renew/join or login to the website to see the content.
    Who can I contact for further assistance or comments?

    Please contact NYMS Membership team:

    Why do you ask for my phone number in the account page?
    Sometimes, a member puts the wrong email address and emails are bounced back. We may need to contact you to sort things out. There is also future considerations with using a SMS text messaging service. This would allow the club to send out a text message notification for updates on events such as cancellations, updates etc… We would continue to send e-mails out too.
    Will my family member receive invitations to walks, lectures and ID sessions?
    Yes. However, there is ONLY one login per family, which is the email address you signup with.