Celebrate Earth Day

Woodbine 585 Woodward Ave, ridgewood, NY, United States

Celebrate Earth Day with us on Sunday April 21 from 1-3 pm with an afternoon of mushroom themed kids crafts!

Activities will include:

  • Learning about growing gourmet mushrooms with members of Woodbine's Mycology Crew
  • Engaging in observational mushroom drawing from locally foraged specimens with neighborhood art teacher, Lindsay
  • Getting creative with other mushroom themed crafts

Kids of all ages are welcome!
Completely free!
Art materials provided!

The Fabric of Fungal Materiality : Intro to Myco-Materials and Pigments

Biotech without Borders 43-01 21st Street Suite 319, Long Island City, NY

NYMS member Sneha Ganguly is teaching a workshop on myco-materials and pigments at Biotech without Borders, a community lab co-led by Ellen Jorgensen, who is also a long-time NYMS member.

From the organizers:

Join us for an interactive lecture that will be a primer on fungal-based materials and pigments including a survey of wild mushroom varieties, recent scientific research and historical uses. The class will explore fungal materiality in its magnitudes, from fungal biology to the emerging fields in biological- arts, materials, and technology.

Class will open with a tasting of chaga tea sweetened with this season’s maple syrup to get things flowing. There will be a table display of fungal artworks and materials for all to engage with.

We will begin with a topical introduction in ethnomycology, followed by an overview of mycological basics with emphasis on materials science. We will dive into the nuances of chitin, mycelium and mushroom-based materials, including mycelium composite materials and mushroom paper. We will learn about fungal pigments through the alchemy of dyes, inks, mordants and their preparations, as well as extraordinary exudates such as latex and spalting.

We will reflect on the sensorial ecologies of fungi and how it might inform our practices and collaborations with the natural world. And conclude with critical discourse on ethics and sustainability, in the advent of the commodification of myco-materials in industry.

Questions will be encouraged throughout the presentation.

This class is perfect for those who are interested in the natural world, materials science, and art-making. No prior knowledge is needed. All ages and experience levels are welcome.


6:30 – 7:00 Welcome / Tea

7:00 – 8:30 Presentation / Q&A

About the teacher

Sneha Ganguly also known as Kali Mushrooms, is an interdisciplinary artist working through the intersection of fine art and mycology. Sneha identifies and studies wild fungi with a special interest in biological materials and pigments, and synthesizes their alchemical and chitinous properties to create handmade papers, inks, dyes and extracts. Her work explores the potential of novel mushroom- and mycelium-based materials as an artistic medium, to communicate modern mythologies on fungal science, animisms, and lessons from the wild. As part of the New York Mycological Society, Sneha founded NYC’s inaugural Fungus Festival. She is co-founder of the POC Fungi Community. And she instructs courses on mycology and mushroom cultivation for Cornell Small Farms, as well as for parks, community and cultural organizations in the metro area.


Not all coral fungi are Ramaria: Field characters and taxonomy of Ramarioid fungi within the order Gomphaceae

Virtual Event Virtual Event

This presentation provides an overview of Ramarioid fungi, beginning with how to distinguish Ramaria from other coralloid fungi (Artomyces, Clavulina, etc.), and how to distinguish Ramaria from other Ramarioid genera within the Gomphales. We will then focus on Ramaria and cover distinguishing features of the subgenera. Further, the importance of documenting field characters for identification will be discussed. Many European species can be identified with proper documentation without microscopy, and it is very likely that similar concepts can be applied in North America. A practical key will be outlined, and notes on DNA sequencing considered.

NYC Urban Park Rangers Led Mother’s Day Mushroom ID Hike

Ardeen Woods Arden Heights, Staten Island, United States

On this Mother's Day, learn about the different ways that mushrooms nurture the forest. This Urban Park Ranger led hike will take you through the forest to learn how to identify fungi.

Come join us for an in-person ID meeting this Monday April 22
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