Paul Sadowski's 7/12/09 Clove Lakes Park Walk Report
Posted by pabloski on July 13 2009 12:29
The ride over to Staten Island on the ferry is an unusually fine way to commute to a foray. We were greeted with clear skies, warm weather and a refreshing breeze to cool us as we walked.

16 members and visitors were treated to commentary by Gary Lincoff, Dennis Aita, and Aaron Norarevian, who could be termed our Society's "brain trust" mycologically speaking. We had a group with us from the Toronto Mycological Society and new members Evan Mahl & Wendi Huestis, John Oakes, Karin Kuoni and their son Nathaniel. It was a very good showing. If anyone took any pics, please send them along so that we can include them here.

John Oakes submitted photos from the afternoon which you can see here .

We gathered over twenty species with the Amanitas well represented. For a complete list READ MORE...

Extended News
Agaricus sp.
Amanita brunnescens
Amanita brunnescens var. pallida
Amanita crenulata.
Amanita flavoconia
Amanita flavorubescens
Amanita inaurata
Amanita rubescens
Amanita russuloides (?)
Amanita vaginata
Boletus pulverulentus
Cantharellus minor
Collybia subnuda
Fomitopsis sp.
Lactarius quietus
Laetiporus sulphureus
Marasmius sp.
Megacollybia platyphylla
Panellus stipticus
Pluteus cervinus
Polyporus alveolaris
Polyporus elegans
Russula mariae
Russula virescens
Scleroderma citrinum
Stereum ostrea
Tremellodendron sp.
Tubifera ferruginosa
Tyromyces chioneus