Gary Lincoff's Central Park Walk 6/28/09 Report
Posted by pamkray on June 29 2009 08:27
Gary's WalkAt least 40 showed up for the NYMS Central Park mushroom hunt on Sunday, June 28th. It was one of those rare days in June when it wasn't raining. We walked around the west side of the park between 95th St. and 99th. It didn't take much to find mushrooms. We even found some edibles, though not as many as last year. We found at least 40 different mushrooms.

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In grass:
Conocybe lactea
Marasmius scorodonius
Marasmius sp.
(tiny, orange cap with few, distant gills)
Melanoleuca alboflavida

In moss (near wood):
Clavulina cinerea

In wood chip mulch:
Agrocybe dura complex
Collybia (Gymnopus) luxurians
Psathyrella candolleana
Stropharia rugosoannulata
Crucibulum laeve
Cyathus striatus ?
Phallus rubicundus

Scleroderma sp. (tiny)

At base of trees:
Laetiporus cincinnatus (White Chicken Mushroom)
Tricholomopsis platyphylla

On trees, logs, or sticks:
Irpex lacteus
Meripilus giganteus
(Black-staining polypore)
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus
Stereum complicatum
Stereum ostrea
Trametes hirsutum
Trichaptum biforme

On the ground, in grass, but associated with oak trees:
Boletus campestris
Boletus chrysenteron
Boletus chrysenteron
with Hypomyces chrysospermus
Boletus pulverulentus
Boletus subvelutipes
Gyroporus castaneus
Tylopilus ferrugineus
Amanita crenulata
(near A. gemmata)
Amanita flavorubescens
Amanita vaginata
Amanita sp.
(tiny, cream-colored)
Inocybe abundans
Inocybe albodisca
Inocybe rimosoides
Laccaria amethystina
Laccaria ohioensis
(near L. laccata)
Russula sp. near fragilis
Russula mariae
Russula pectinatoides

Russula subfoetens
Russula spp.
(purple, rosy red, orange, mild)