Clove Lakes Park species list 6/2/2013
Posted by pabloski on June 03 2013 12:03
Gary Lincoff's notes on the walk:
(note 1: very few polypores and crust fungi seen, compared with a typical fall walk here. Also, no jelly fungi or inky caps seen – too hot and dry most of the past week...Compared with last year’s June 2nd walk about Clove Lakes Park, we found a few more fungi last year, including a red-capped Russula, but most of the usual suspects showed up, and we did find nice specimens of our year’s first bolete, Suillus granulatus. The cicada symphony in the tree tops, and the “willingness” of those near the ground to pose endlessly for photos, made this a very special day for us.
(note 2: Tree damage from last year’s storms, Sandy and others, is conspicuous throughout the wooded parts of Clove Lakes Park – little or nothing appears to have been done here, making it difficult to follow paths through the woods.)

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Extended News
  • Apiosporina morbosa
  • Biscogniauxia atropunctata
  • Chromelosporium cf ochraceum (?)
  • Diatrype stigma
  • Kretschmaria deusta
  • Phaeocalicium polyporaeum
  • Xylaria polymorpha
  • Pink, soft, small roundish blobs covered with red dots (perithecia) on wood

Crust & Parchment Fungi
  • Botryobasidium sp. (?)
  • Hydnochaete olivacea
  • Stereum complicatum
  • Stereum ostra
  • (several unidentified crust fungi)

  • Favolus alveolaris
  • Ganoderma lucidum
  • Irpex lacteus
  • Laetiporus sulphureus (old)
  • Trametes elegans
  • Trichaptum biforme
  • (several unidentified polypores)

  • Suillus granulatus !

Gilled Mushrooms
  • Agrocybe dura
  • Crepidotus applanatus
  • Galerina autumnalis
  • Inocybe cf lacera
  • Lyophyllum decastes
  • Megacollybia platyphylla
  • Mycena sanguinolenta
  • Mycena cf inclinata
  • Mycena sp.
  • Pluteus cervinus
  • Schizophyllum commune

Myxomycetes (slime molds)
  • Ceratiomyxa fruitculosa
  • Lycogala epidendrum
  • Stemonitis sp.