Cage/NYMS/100/50th - Roaming Urban Soundscapes is Coming
Posted by pabloski on July 24 2012 11:00

Celebrating 50 Years and

the Centenary of Mycological Society Founder,

Composer John Cage

A rare exhibition will form the installation portion of the Roaming Urban Soundscapes program at The Cooper Unionís Great Hall Gallery on Friday and Saturday, September 7 & 8.† In a first, The Mushroom Book, created by New York Mycological Society founders John Cage and Lois Long, will be viewable in its entirety. The ten folios have been framed as 20 panels of lithography along with their ten accompanying translucent textual overlays. This art book has never been seen in this exhibited form.† Mushroom art of other NYMS members, Gwen Fabricant, Thomas Kendell, Win Knowlton, Ethan Crensen and Chris Zeller will also be on view.

A second part of the exhibition will trace the Societyís roots in its fin de siecle formation as the The New York Mycological Club and in its current reincarnation dating from 1962. Other displays will allow the visitor to examine the role of mushrooms in the fashion arts.

The Society is giving the public an unusual opportunity to examine mushroom specimens collected from the Greater New York City area. The display, in addition to being informative, will bring an artistic whimsy to the scientific exposition. Fashioned from a biodegradable fungal product developed by Evocative Designs of Green Island, NY, artist Jan Mun is making a cityscape where the mushrooms will reside for the weekend. Along with explanatory placards, a microscope will give visitors a close-up view of the specimens. Society members will be on hand to further acquaint the curious with the subject at hand, mycology.

The exhibits are free and open to the public at 7 East 7th St., New York from 12-6 PM Friday and Saturday, September 7-8. A special ticket can be purchased for a guided tour on Saturday at 6 PM and 7 PM as part of the Roaming Urban Soundscapes program taking place in The Great Hall at 8 PM.

A theatrical event, in The Great Hall, Saturday, September 8th at 8 PM will be a grand multi-media Cagean simulteneity featuring live appearances by JONAS MEKAS, JIM KERR, GARY LINCOFF, CHRIS MANN and others. There will be a special realization of Cageís 49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs, music and a lively visual backdrop of mushroom stills and movies collected and produced over the last fifty years, assembled by PAM KRAY.

EUGENIA BONE will create a special multicourse buffet given in her home at 5:30 prior to the evening event. The 20 diners will be taken by car to the Cooper Union Great Hall Gallery where they will have a 7 PM walk-around among the displays, before going to their prime seating for the show. This special GALA TICKET will sell for $200.00 per person, $350.00 per couple (GALA PAIR).

A BENEFACTOR TICKET, priced at $100.00 per ticket will bring the purchaser a prime seat in the Great Hall, a commemorative t-shirt, and a gallery walk-around from 6 PM -7 PM on Saturday night.

Preferred seating is $50.00; General Admission is $20.00, Student tickets are $5.00.

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We would love your help by providing content to be used in the Great Hall Gallery show.

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Emily Harris and Paul Sadowski are making a realization of Cage's 49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs. Follow the 49 Waltzes project.

Extended News

There will be a mushroom display in the galleries, so we are counting on our members to bring their mushroom finds to the Great Hall Gallery of Cooper Union on Friday, September 7 starting at 9 AM. W e will be accepting your mushrooms all day long on Friday and Saturday.