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Species list for 08/08/09 Stony Brook Walk

Society News Each year about 80 species are identified, but there’s a somewhat different mix each time. Altogether 150 or so mushrooms have been seen here on summer walks, the boletes are the most abundant and most diverse group collected. Fall walks at Stony Brook provide a somewhat different diversity of fungi. For a PDF listing that gives mushroom surveys for the last four years choose Stony Brook Consolidated species list from the Downloads area. For this year's list READ MORE...

Cultivated Morels are Analyzed for DNA

Fungi NewsRemember the morel tasting that we had over 3 years ago at Maria Reidelbach's? Well, finally the results are in and Michael Kuo sent me them. It turns out that they were Morchella rufobrunnea as expected. I'll talk more about it in the next newsletter.

Dennis Aita

NYMS Figures in Bergen Record Mushroom Article

In the News Dennis Aita has been featured in an article appearing in the Bergen Record. A number of our coming walks were also published there. To read the article go to the Bergen Record website.

Know Your Mushrooms Release Imminent

Fungi NewsJohn CageThe Ron Mann film KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS Collector's Edition custom made box (containing flash drive of film, dried morels, and more) will be available on the FilmsWeLike website and on Amazon. It will cost $59.95 plus shipping It will be available Sept. 1 The regular DVD will also be available (at normal prices). This film features Gary Lincoff with cameos by NYMS members!

Vermont Chanterelle Weekend

Society NewsSara and ClaudeThe umpteenth (over 40 years) Chanterelle Weekend was a great success. Thanks to Claudine Michaud for her organizational and culinary skills, employed for the pleasure of everyone who attended.

Here we see Claude and Martz and Sara Wacksman with some of the booty. See more photos from Alice Barner and in Claude Martz's photo gallery .

Species Lists for FWF Meetings Will Appear in a new Forum

Site NewsFWF We will keep a list of species identified at our Foul Weather Friends meetings this year. Go here for the latest list.

Paul Sadowski's 7/12/09 Clove Lakes Park Walk Report

Society NewsThe ride over to Staten Island on the ferry is an unusually fine way to commute to a foray. We were greeted with clear skies, warm weather and a refreshing breeze to cool us as we walked.

16 members and visitors were treated to commentary by Gary Lincoff, Dennis Aita, and Aaron Norarevian, who could be termed our Society's "brain trust" mycologically speaking. We had a group with us from the Toronto Mycological Society and new members Evan Mahl & Wendi Huestis, John Oakes, Karin Kuoni and their son Nathaniel. It was a very good showing. If anyone took any pics, please send them along so that we can include them here.

John Oakes submitted photos from the afternoon which you can see here .

We gathered over twenty species with the Amanitas well represented. For a complete list READ MORE...

Gary Lincoff's Central Park Walk 6/28/09 Report

Society NewsGary's WalkAt least 40 showed up for the NYMS Central Park mushroom hunt on Sunday, June 28th. It was one of those rare days in June when it wasn't raining. We walked around the west side of the park between 95th St. and 99th. It didn't take much to find mushrooms. We even found some edibles, though not as many as last year. We found at least 40 different mushrooms.

For the complete list

Man, 82, dies from eating wild mushrooms

Fungi News
From the L.A. Times: Angelo Crippa loved to forage for wild fungi in the hills above Santa Barbara. After eating a heaping plate of what he thought was an innocuous variety, he died of liver failure within a week.

Toxic mushrooms
Ana Crippa
Angelo Crippa, 82, died of liver failure a week after eating a heaping plate of Amanita ocreata mushrooms he found in the hills near Santa Barbara.

When You Couldn't See the Forest for the Mushrooms

Fungi NewsfungiscapeLaura Juszczak brings the following article, Ancient Mushrooms Were As Big As Trees, on SOFTPEDIA to our attention.

Read the article at: ­Ancient Mushrooms ­Were As ­Big As Trees

Elinoar's Old Arsenic Enlaced Orchards

In the NewsMorelIn the next issue of FUNGI Elinoar Shavit's Arsenic in Morels will pique the interest of any morel hunter and consumer. In great detail and with replete citation, she lays out the issues surrounding a case of arsenic poisoning that afflicted Robert Peabody, a New Jersey Mycological Society member and veteran morel hunter.

This is a must read! Go to scroll down to the Pre-Press News Release to download a pdf version of the article.
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