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NYMS New Yearís Day 2012 Walk in Central Park

Fungi NewsMore than 25 Members and guests shared a splendid New Year's Day in Central Park. A large fruiting of Oyster mushrooms and Velvet Foot mushrooms ensured a taste of winter for those in attendance.

For Gary Lincoff's species list READ MORE.

12/11/11 Clove Lakes Park Species List

Fungi NewsA dozen NYMS members and guests plumbed the Clove Lakes Forest and discovered 40 species growing there. A number of fleshy mushrooms were still fruiting. But the preponderence of fungi were crust fungi. This is their season.
To see Gary Lincoff's compilation READ MORE.

Central Park 12/4/11 Species List

Fungi News30 mushroomers explored the North Woods to discover over 30 species growing there. To read Gary Lincoff's list READ MORE.

Inwood Hill Park 11/5/11 Species List

Fungi NewsHere is the list for the Inwood Hill Walk on 11/5/11. Nearly 70 species found!

To see the list READ MORE!

Central Park 10/28-29/11 Species List

Fungi NewsThis list was compiled by Gary Lincoff and represented two days' foraging with Larry Millman.

To read Gary's list READ MORE

WOODLAWN CEMETERY 10/15/2011 Species List

Fungi NewsLast year we were at Woodlawn Cemetery on Saturday, October 16th. We found
about the same number of mushrooms except that we found 15 mushrooms last
year that we did not find this year. Itís possible that the total number of
mushrooms that occur at this site on this date is likely to exceed 100
species, although not all of them will necessarily be seen in any one year.
A more systematic and thorough search of the cemetery yesterday would have
produced many smaller mushrooms that are normally overlooked when people are
looking for edible mushrooms or just more conspicuous mushrooms.

To read Gary Lincoff's list READ MORE

High Rock Park, Staten Island 10/2/11 Species List

Society News

80+ mushrooms ! ...probably well over 100 if we had taken the time to collect more carefully.

READ MORE to see the entire list...

Species List Cunningham and Alley Pond Parks 9/25/11

Fungi NewsREAD MORE to see Gary Lincoff's compilation from the Cunningham & Alley Park wlks last weekend (9/25/11)

Forest Park Walk Species List 7/31/11

Society NewsRead more for the species list as prepared by Gary Lincoff:

Stony Brook Walk Species List 7/24/11

Society NewsA small but hale group let the sweat fly in a very fecund Stony Brook vale. Mushrooms were everywhere and quite a few meals were enhanced by the heat loving Lactarius volemus and corrugis. To see the whole list READ MORE.

Van Cortlandt Park 7/17/11 Walk Species List

Society NewsTo read the entire list READ MORE.
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