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Clove Lakes Park species list 6/2/2012

Society NewsTo see Gary Lincoff's list from our day at Clove Lakes Park READ MORE

Van Cortlandt Park 5/27/12 Species List

Society News

Gary Lincoff's partial list of the fungi we found on Sunday’s walk



2012 Mushroom Study Group Dates

UpcomingWe have secured space for our Monday Night Mushroom Study Group meetings at the Downtown Community Center, 120 Warren St. (betw. Greenwich & West Sts.).

Dates are Mondays: July 23 & 30, August 6 & 13

We will meet in the first classroom on the second floor 6:30 - 8:30 PM.


Upcomingmushroom pieThe first Mycophagists' Table event was a sensational success.

To read more about the program READ MORE.

Forest Park Species List - 4/1/12

Fungi NewsFrom Gary Lincoff:

About 30 people attended. More than 30 different mushrooms appeared.

An April Fool's Day joke - awaiting us at the meeting place for our Forest Park walk today was a cluster of very fresh mushrooms. Large fleshy mushrooms. Something we could hardly imagine after a month without rain. Still, there was a cluster of mushrooms - curiously at the base of the wooden standard that held the map of the park. It was a mushroom we rarely see in our area - a large, long-stemmed oyster-like mushroom. It's used to be called Pleurotus strigosus. It's a white mushroom with a strigose stem (having appressed hairs). It's now called Lentinus levis. It can't go on our Forest Park list because it's really from North Carolina, alas.

Nor can morels go on our list today. We didn't find even one morel, but someone on the walk told us he found two in Forest Park last year. So, there's hope.

READ MORE to see the list.

Inwood Hill Park 3/11/12 Species List

Fungi NewsIt seemed as though we not only set our clocks ahead but the seasons as well with temperatures that reached well into the 50s. Read More to see Gary's list.

100/50th/Cage/NYMS Celebration - September 8th, 2012

UpcomingWe will be celebrating our anniversary in gala fashion this coming September! Check here for the latest news.

Prospect Park Species List 2/25/2012

Society NewsA large group came out last Saturday to hunt fungi in Prospect Park. Without covering much ground, many species were discovered. To see Gary's list READ MORE.

Beginning Microscopy for the Amateur Mycologist

UpcomingA few years ago, NYMS held a Beginners Microscopy Class. It was well attended; many of the participants now incorporate microscopy into their mushroom observations. While we do a little microscopy at our Monday Night meetings, time does not allow for a thoroughgoing exploration of these techniques.

We have decided therefore, to have another class to accommodate new members who have joined NYMS in the intervening years.

The sessions are scheduled for June-July when the Myxomycetes appear and the late spring fungi are fruiting. These will be the grist for our observations.

This class is open to NYMS members only.

To get the details READ MORE.

Van Cortlandt Park 1/29/12 Species List

Society NewsWe had a beautiful afternoon for collecting in Van Cortlandt Park, 40 degrees, more than a dozen members showed up. The rain and winds had dropped plenty of canopy fungi to the forest floor.

50 different species were found; many of these were photographed, the more unusual ones collected and preserved.

To read Gary Lincoff's compilation READ MORE.

Visit for a NYC Parks Species Report

Fungi News
To see a review of the 2011 NYC mushroom season, as seen by the New York Mycological Society on its 22 city walks, go to and click on "2011 NYMS NYC mushroom season" - unfinished, as yet, but progressing
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