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High Rock Park - August 11, 2013 - Species list

Fungi NewsAbout a dozen people took advantage of a beautiful day to explore the fungi of High Rock Park, Staten Island.

Among the mushrooms that we found is this rarely seen Fistulina hepatica, the Beefsteak Mushroom, growing at the base of a living White Oak tree.

To see a complete list READ MORE.

Stony Brook - 7/20/13

Fungi NewsTom A good turnout for such a hot day! Thirteen people found over 70 species and everyone got plenty of Lactarius corrugis and L. volemus (probably the two most abundant mushrooms of the day). Very few black trumpets and fewer chantarelles. Two different collections of Innonotus obliquus. One rattle snake. Thanks to Aaron, Juniper and Dennis for helping with the ids.

To see the complete list READ MORE.

Van Cortlandt Park – July 14, 2013

Fungi NewsVCPark

Most of the people who turned up on a very hot and humid day to hunt mushrooms with the NYMS in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx...
To see Gary's species list READ MORE

Wolfe's Pond Park - 7/7/13 - Species List


NYMS mushroom walk about Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island - About 15 people showed up on the hottest day of the year (so far) - and we found more than 70 different kinds of mushrooms, including some good edibles - the ferry ride is always such a neat thing to do, not least for the view!

To read Gary's List READ MORE!




Telluride Mushroom Festival and The Telluride Institute are proud to present the 32nd annual Telluride Mushroom Festival August 15-18, 2013. This year's festival is focused on the use of fungi as medicine for the environment and for people.

To get all the details READ MORE


Fungi NewsCPGroup

To see Gary's list READ MORE

Van Cortlandt Park (West) 6/23/13

Fungi News
  • A beautiful day in the woods with 30+ taxon on our list... READ MORE

Prospect Park Species List - 6/15/13

Fungi NewsClearly, a large number of species is not a matter of simple adding water...

30 or so species

For a complete list READ MORE.

Cunningham Park & Alley Pond Park - 6/9/13

Fungi News

To see Gary's complete list READ MORE

Clove Lakes Park species list 6/2/2013

Fungi NewsGary Lincoff's notes on the walk:
(note 1: very few polypores and crust fungi seen, compared with a typical fall walk here. Also, no jelly fungi or inky caps seen – too hot and dry most of the past week...Compared with last year’s June 2nd walk about Clove Lakes Park, we found a few more fungi last year, including a red-capped Russula, but most of the usual suspects showed up, and we did find nice specimens of our year’s first bolete, Suillus granulatus. The cicada symphony in the tree tops, and the “willingness” of those near the ground to pose endlessly for photos, made this a very special day for us.
(note 2: Tree damage from last year’s storms, Sandy and others, is conspicuous throughout the wooded parts of Clove Lakes Park – little or nothing appears to have been done here, making it difficult to follow paths through the woods.)

To see Gary's complete species list READ MORE.

Pelham Bay Park – May 26, 2013

Fungi News40 or so people attended and 40 or so mushrooms found…
plus several perks, like horseshoe crabs!
Most interesting find of the day: a Lactarius in May!
To see Gary's complete list READ MORE!
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